(Limited edition of 6, 5 available)

2200x 1800mm Marine grade 316 Stainless Steel

Bulb is both a simple and yet strikingly intricate double layered organic-like form made from 316 grade stainless steel and pierced with two layers of linked patterning. Inspired by both organic seed pods and bulbs, and the decorative onion domes of Orthodox Churches, this work is absolutely a singular ‘object’ (it sits hidden stainless steel supports). It is an intriguing object and appears as if it has been picked up, examined and placed back down. 

Produced as a limited edition for Sculptures by the Sea, the first of six sits in the Perth Cultural Centre. The second in the run is available for immediate purchase. 

AU$60,000.00(EX GST)

(delivery and installation available, please inquire for total price)