The title   Peering Through   suggest something of the driver or idea for this work. This idea of looking through framed views to a space that is paradoxically both controlled and wild was a starting point for the work.
 The work   Driftwood   was commissioned to provide seating elements within a shopping centre in Albany, Western Australia. The installation consists of a large sculptural seating element that was inspired by a weathered piece of driftwood, twisted and gnarled but worn smooth by the sand and sea.   
 China Green Subiaco, a new inner-city centre situated on the site of an historic ceramics factory, where Stuart Green was commissioned to create various sculptures. The public artworks relate to the processes of the former factory of the Subiaco site.    photo Robert Frith
   All Eyes on Us – The Commonwealth Star  , embraces the idea of celebration. It captures the sense of beginning – an explosive, spontaneous quality. The title is slightly tongue in cheek, It plays on the brash, confident and youthful culture of the Gold Coast but also commemorates a moment in time when the Commonwealth, and the rest of the world does focus its gaze on us as Australians.   photo Callie Mashall
  photo: Robert Frith     Enter Out   is a threshold work, creating a heightened experience of travel and arrival; of moving through from one space of the University campus into another space. Made up of coloured aluminium blades, the work ripples in colour and three-dimensional form in anticipation and seeming sympathetic movement of the viewers own flow through the space
 This Public Artwork in Perth titled   Transpiration   and is made up of thousands of aluminium squares that are arranged in an agitated assembly of chaotic energy. The artwork also acts as a visually permeable screen to the carpark behind and is enlivened by the run of headlights breaking through the deeply textured pure white mesh of reflective planes.
 Positioned at the entry to Willetton Senior High School,   From One to the Other   takes as a starting point the moment when one liquid droplet gives up part of its contents to form a second separate droplet. The characteristic shapes of each form were in mind when the work was developed, and seemed particularly apt in relation to the school setting and the exchange of teaching and learning.   photo Stuart Green Studio
   In between and all around   is designed to be a continuous loop of steel and timber running overhead and defying gravity. As a major public artwork for the Perth facility, it creates the central way-finding attraction for the newly built Fiona Stanley Hospital. Two complementary public artwork pieces are placed adjacent to the large loop. Reminiscent of felled tree trunks, these artworks act both as a visual link to, and extending the main work, as well as providing practical seating.
   Bulb   is both a simple and yet strikingly intricate double layered organic-like form made from 316 grade stainless steel and pierced with two layers of linked patterning. Inspired by both organic seed pods and bulbs, and the decorative onion domes of Orthodox Churches, this work is absolutely a singular ‘object’ and sits on its side, out of context, as if picked up, examined and dropped again.   photo Karen Castle
 Three works;   Husk  ,   Kernel   and   Returning   tell the Queensland story of the vertical fall from canopy to ground through seed-like forms both suspended and ground based. Husk floats overhead and is formed as a tracery of aluminium patterning, with Kernel forming an enigmatic hermetic capsule seemingly waiting for time to pass. Returning dissolves back into the garden site in which it is based.
   Object Gallery   ( Pattern Work, Repeat Work, Rolling Work, Hot Work, Window )     is within the newly developed Railway Square precinct in Midland, the site of the old Midland Railway Workshops.  These artworks collectively evoke tasks undertaken in the Midland Railway Workshops and suggest the manipulation of materials as happened on the site.  Inversion and pairing are used as a way of reimagining actual site objects in new ways. All are aligned track-like in pairs, moving towards the end from which is based on the industrial windows of the site.
   Cone    Stuart Green was commissioned to lead an artists team to create a suite of artworks for Mount Lawley Senior High School. These artworks threaded together open air rooms within the spatial plan of the school and linked each space, revealing new desire points along the new spine of the school. Individual works created a strong node and point of character for each space. The works were based on the idea of objects carried by families to Australia by the large immigrant school population.   photo Acorn Photo
  Stainless steel pierced forms internally lit and creating a focal point in the CBD building courtyard
 The artwork at 248 – 262 Lord St East Perth is themed around the idea of sky and particularly the horizon. The light boxes reference the sky through the use of colour and the way in which the three dimensional surface of the skin of each box creates shadows and is in turn, lit by the sun. Each artwork differs slightly in layout and colour.  These colours  change over a period of time to give a slowly changing night time experience.  
   A Very Human Path   is a work commissioned for Mindarie Senior College and embraces the idea of a student’s progress being not always straight, but always interesting. This work starts from within the school and springs from the lecture theatre to inhabit the main courtyard. This large work allows students to flow through its parts or sit or lean on the scything linear form. This red line forms a chaotic and playful illustration of the complexity (and ultimately positive) path for us all.
 Flux is a façade based public artwork for the Soleil building in Brisbane and forms a visually dynamic screen allowing ventilation to the building behind. The work evokes the dynamics of water flow and eddies with references to the shadows of tall riverside buildings cast on the flowing Brisbane River.
   Cumulus   forms the major visual marker for the axis of, and the central Artwork for the newly completed Town Square of Rhodes, Sydney. Cumulus is a large scale work sitting on key sight lines of Rhodes. The work playfully imagines clouds as large massive and angular forms that bump and coalesce into each other.