Stuart Green

With over twenty three years’ experience creating public art for Perth and beyond, Stuart Green has created an enviable portfolio of artworks in a range of scales and themes. Stuart has created works that range from architectural façade treatments through to monumental stand-alone artworks as well as more small scale intimate interpretive pieces

He has a keen interest in the changing phenomena of the natural world around him and this is often a key driver for his more outwardly abstract works. Pattern, rhythm and sculptural mass often weave together in the artworks, with each having an underlying reference back to natural distributions, forms and energies.

His work can be seen in the Australian cities of Perth, Sydney, Brisbane and Canberra, and internationally in Abu Dhabi.


Big Spoon Art Services Pty Ltd

Big Spoon Art Services is a small but intense public art studio, set up to support the artist Stuart Green in all stages of the production of public artworks, from conceptualisation and communication through to fabrication management and installation. The studio is uniquely set up to provide this niche service for projects both within and beyond Australia.